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Thursday, November 1, 2012

ChiRunning Day 2: Rest Day

Yesterday was a rest day.  It was also Halloween, so it was good I rested.

Today is also a rest day, because really I should've done Tuesday's workout yesterday. But this worked better, so I am happy.

I killed my knee yesterday.  Not running.  Nope, walking around.  Trick-or-Treating with my nieces (my son having gone out with his friends, being that age.  He was a Creeper from Minecraft and he wore a suit and carried a briefcase, which was incredibly cute, honestly!  I helped him wrap the box he used in green wrapping paper but otherwise he made the whole thing himself.  We have transported ourselves into a new era of Halloween Costuming.  Also, one of his friends said, "You know, you can buy one of those for like $20, and we said, "Ha! we spent $2.99 for some wrapping paper!"  There is a real triumph in being cheap.  I mean, frugal. :-D)

So, I may never ever wear shoes that are not Very Very Flat.  Ever again.  Because that's what I did yesterday, and now, OW.  And I also may never take the dog trick-or-treating on a short leash again, because he pulls on me--just a little, but he does--and that makes me put undue pressure on my knees, reining him in.  Bah.  I do not like pain.

So today on my rest day I will go shopping, which will include a trip to the mall, and I will be spending my entire shopping trip being extremely careful of my knee placement and body alignment.  I have reconfigured these slippers by removing the leather soles that aren't in the picture because I put them on after this, and sewing leather bits to the bottoms so they don't stretch the shoes out.  So now I don't have to scuff around to keep them on.  Much awesome!  Comfy for house wear!

Tomorrow if it still hurts I will do Very Careful Walking for my exercise session.  Because though I don't seem to hurt myself running, I definitely don't want this to get worse.  This is at 'kneecap feels kinda wobbly' stage and that truly worries me.  Kneecaps should not feel wobbly.  But I am determined to keep exercising because not exercising means a whole bunch of things I don't want.  Like, today? I passed the 20lbs mark in my weight-loss progress!  WHEE!!  And exercise has contributed terrifically to the fact that I look and feel... terrific!  Imagine what I'll look like 20 more pounds down the road!

Wish me luck.  Wish me healthy knees.  Wish me pain-free.  Here I go, doing laundry and then going on my weekly shopping-for-work trip! exciting life I lead, eh? :-D