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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ChiRunning Day 1

I got the ChiRunning people to reset my start date to today and I redid workout 1.  I used the Zombies, Run! C25K app; its timing is a bit off from the ChiRunning one but not too much, and mostly I just made sure my core was strong throughout the workout.  I actually walked part of it, but what I feel as a 'running' gait is actually more comfortable for me.  I'm doing my best to get my full foot strike down, and I think I had it at least a bit of the time.  I tried shortening my stride and going faster, and there were a few moments when that even worked.

It was raining the whole time (thanks, Hurricane Sandy!) and I came in looking slightly drowned-rat-esque, and my knee still hurts but it isn't worse.  I'll take not worse for now.

I tense up my lower legs when I run. Bet that adds to the leg pain.  I'm going to research the Body Looseners in the book and see what they have for lower legs.

Running Remix

Well, hello.  It has been a while, hasn't it?  According to my ticker I am down 19 pounds (really 18.8 but the ticker doesn't do decimals) and that's, just huge.

I am still attempting to run, but of course the moment I finished up with my calf injury, I hurt my knee.  Well, re-initiated a wonderful injury from long ago, really: I've been wrestling with knee stuff since my late 20s, and I weigh a couple more pounds than I did then (even with having lost 19 pounds, yep).

And work started up.  I'm still managing to get out to run several times a week but it isn't as consistent as it was during the summer. So, I have been reading ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer.  I'd read ChiWalking years ago, and I absolutely remembered some of it and applied what I remembered--but.  First of all, the walking and running bits are different, and second of all? I didn't remember it all.  So, time to go back to the drawing board.  I've been running while applying some of what I'm learning, but it isn't enough--I have to go all the way back, starting now, and start over, because the way I'm running is causing injury.  I have to relearn moving.  I have to relearn standing.  I have to relearn sitting and walking.  And then I have to relearn running too.  The whole kit and caboodle has to start from scratch.

I registered for a training session on with the goal of eventually running 5K.  And I have kept reading (I've read the section on injuries twice now).  I have a run coming up today according to the training session.  Of course, I've been impatient.  I want to keep going far and fast (I've been doing 2 miles in 37 minutes which isn't superfast but it's considerably faster than I was running before).  I want to keep up with the C25K training I was doing.  I want to keep up with Zombies, Run!

But I have to stop.  I have to back off.  I have to start over.

So, I'm starting with the self-evaluation in the book.  And then I'm starting with the very first workout and Form Focus and I'll do it as long and as often as I need to to master the first Form Focus.  Doing it again is not an issue.  Keeping my knee from hurting is totally an issue.

Physical Assessment

1. Are you currently nursing any injuries, aches, or pains? Yes.  My right kneecap and the muscles to the inside of my knee are painful and I have hip pain (that hasn't been bothering me when I run, though) and general tension throughout my body. I have also suffered from Plantar Fasciitis in the past though it has not recurred as a result of running so far.
2. Do you have any physical conditions that would warrant a doctor's approval or consultation before beginning a running program? At this time I'm going to say no, though if the knee doesn't improve I will have to take it to a doctor.
3. What is the maximum number of miles or minutes you could comfortably run today? Without knee injury--just thinking about my cardio capacity, etc., I have comfortably run 40 minutes/about 2 miles at a slow pace and I could probably go farther at the slow pace.  With the knee injury... it kinda depends.  
4. Are you overweight? Do you use running for weight management? Yes, and yes.

I don't yet know my resting heart rate.  I'll document that at a different time.

Mental Assessment: Thinking/Feeling

1. How much a part of your life do you want running to occupy? I would like it to be a regular recreation practice.  I'm not at this time planning to enter marathons or have running become the core of my being, but I'd love to run a 5K for charity once in a while.
2. Why do you run? Because it's fun (especially with Zombies!) and because it burns calories at a higher rate than walking.  Also, it has helped me with some of my leg cramping issues and it just plain feels good.
3. What do you want from running? Weight loss, health, a feeling of well-being and also of triumph!
4. Do you feel better training with a group? Alone? with a partner? Unapologetically, I like to run alone.  I'd love to get to a point where my dog could come with me, but otherwise, me and the road.  Partly this is because I'm still really slow, and when other runners are with me I feel competitive.
5. How good are you at being self-motivated/staying with a training program? Um. Not the best.  But my MFP friends are keeping me going and so is doing this blog publicly. 
6. Would you like to achieve a certain distance or pace? I would like to run a 5K sometime soon--I'm more motivated to do it in the springtime! but maybe go someplace warm and do one over the winter. :-D
7. Is there a specific race you'd like to train for? not at the moment... there are a couple in the springtime I've been looking at.  I was thinking about a Turkey Trot but I think my knee needs to heal before I try.
8. What are your fears around running? being the last person across the finish line/being the object of pity; hurting myself.

Pre-Assessment of Chi-Running Techniques

I haven't been through the lessons in Chapter 5 yet, but I have already started to notice how this technique is going to be hard (and also which parts will be easy).  So I thought I'd start with where I am now and just note...

The Big Thing I need to start with is my C-shape.  I habitually stick my butt out in back and my chin out in front--I've noticed it a lot.  I think once I get this down--once it becomes habitual for me, all day, to level my pelvis and strengthen my core--the rest will fall into place.

I also notice that 1) the parts of my body that are supposed to be loose are tense.  and 2) my right foot splays out just slightly, which according to the book contributes strongly to knee issues.  It happens less when I run than in normal life.

There's all sorts of other bits--I'm not leaning right, I'm not peeling my feet up right... but I have to start with my C-shape until when I check in with myself throughout the day I find that I'm not all weird-postured.

I'm working on getting my dates changed in the ChiRunning site because I signed up for a training program... I'll either run today or tomorrow, not sure which... and all I'm going to focus on is my C-shape.

I'll let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile, knitting pictures! Because we all know we need those!

"Smoke Before Flame" oven-dyed yarn

"Blue Dog Yarn"--gradient dyed in the crockpot

Beaded choker...lovely phone picture.

D's new socks!


Socks for a Faerie Queen