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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ChiRunning Day 1

I got the ChiRunning people to reset my start date to today and I redid workout 1.  I used the Zombies, Run! C25K app; its timing is a bit off from the ChiRunning one but not too much, and mostly I just made sure my core was strong throughout the workout.  I actually walked part of it, but what I feel as a 'running' gait is actually more comfortable for me.  I'm doing my best to get my full foot strike down, and I think I had it at least a bit of the time.  I tried shortening my stride and going faster, and there were a few moments when that even worked.

It was raining the whole time (thanks, Hurricane Sandy!) and I came in looking slightly drowned-rat-esque, and my knee still hurts but it isn't worse.  I'll take not worse for now.

I tense up my lower legs when I run. Bet that adds to the leg pain.  I'm going to research the Body Looseners in the book and see what they have for lower legs.