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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knitting break??? WHAT???

Well, you don't think I'm gong to completely stop knitting, do you?  But it's the April Holidays in the House Cup.  We're still a couple of days out from knowing who won.  Professors are still calculating Bonus Points, Things are being discussed, and a ton of off-month activities have been posted (including the silliest April Fool's Joke ever.  Really, awesomely epic, and included a manatee in a space suit.  How could you go wrong, right?)

So, no knitting for points this month.  So I have a pair of socks going--trying to perfect my knit-to-fit method--and I just finished and sent out my Reducio swap yesterday--and I still have the Epic Shawl of Doom to complete, since it didn't get done for a badge this month and it still needs finishing.  And I'll be swatching for next Term's OWL later in the month--but I'm really aiming at that being the only new thing I cast on this month.

I shall fill my time thusly:

  • I shall SEW!  I have several projects that want working on.
    • D1's new comforter/blankets.  I've had the fabric for a year now.  Seriously.  I could at least get one done.
    • The corners (and this is hand sewing, as I almost busted my machine trying to do it that way) of a blanket I've been making for ages for River.  Sigh.  
    • The lining of Mary's Christmas stocking
  • I shall BE HEALTHY!
    • Thanks to OneNeedleKnitting, I found a site called  It is another diet/weight loss/exercise tracking site.  All right: I love SparkPeople.  I love the SparkPoints; I love the trophies; I love that so many of my friends have found their way there.  But their nutrition and exercise tracking tools are hard to use.  So here's the plan:
      • I will track my food and exercise on MFP.  The mobile app is easy to use and has--get this--a bar code scanner! I can scan about 90% of my food instead of trying to look it up!  So easy!
      • I will use "quick track" on Spark People to keep track of fruits and veggies and exercise (I get SparkPoints for minutes tracked, but I get to eat more on MFP for exercise tracked, so I will do both.  It's not that hard).
      • I will re-vamp the House Cup SparkTeam to make it a little more user friendly and encouraging.  More challenges!!! Hooray!
    • I will continue to walk or do some other kind of exercise at least 5 times a week.
    • I will continue to track my food.
  • I shall conquer Lego Harry Potter!
    • After the boy goes to bed
    • I have my own copy for the DSi hidden carefully away.  Someday I shall also play it on the Wii... but I won't hold my breath.  April I will play a little LHP every night.  I've already finished the first Year, but I still have a lot of stuff I can go back and get after I gain more spells.
  • I shall READ
    • The Hunger Games.  So good!
    • The Spark.  I'm finding it much more interesting and empowering than I thought I would.
    • Catching Fire (book 2 of the Hunger Games cycle.  I will move on to book three if I have time).
So that's the plan!  I like plans.  But not much actual knitting will happen this month.  Still, wanna see what I did last month?