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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking Through Barriers

Okay, I'm going to start by being realistic.  Scales can change day-to-day, up and down, influenced by a variety of factors including water, menstrual cycle, and the angle Venus makes with the Moon and Uranos.  You know: whims of the fates, etc.

But I have had a pattern for quite a long time.  I have got on the scale and seen a number.  The number was higher than I wanted it to be, so I started watching, being careful, and a few days later I would see a new number, N - 2.  I would rejoice! And try more.  And soon, within a week or two, the number would be N - 4!

Then, oh, then, my body's monthly cycle would change around and the number would go back to N - 2.  Okay, I would tell myself. It's just water weight from carrying around all that fluid.  No biggie.  But then stress or chocolate cravings would take over, and I'd muddle my way through that time of the month, not keeping up with even a slight exercise practice, eating whatever popped off the shelves, and I would end my monthly cycle back at N, or even N + 1.

This time, though, I made it through my miserable crampy logy couple of days with the help of my friends and with just a little walking, and keeping track of my food.  I was at N-4 when it started, and I went back up to N - 2, just as always, but at the end? I was back at N - 4!  Good going, Lauren! Keep up the good work!

And then? This morning?

N - 6.2

The number on my scale is one I didn't see when I was exercising for months last winter.  It's one I haven't seen in a good two years.  Even though I realize it will probably be gone tomorrow, (Moon, Venus, Uranos, you know!) it feels like I have broken through a barrier that has sneered at me for years.  I can keep on.

I can do this!