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Monday, September 3, 2012

Down for the count...

Dang it dang it dang it.

Saturday on my run? Another owie.

Not as bad as the first Owie a few weeks ago, but it has the feel of wanting to become that bad. I am not going to let it!  I am applying liberal amounts of ShaylaMyst's Arnica Salve, using  lots of Advil, and using a couple of Ancient Torture Devices to beat my muscles into submission.

I am itching to run.

I do not want to hurt myself again.

It is a Conundrum.

I am contemplating trying a C25K regimen, especially as I have only a few Zombie runs left to do before I finish the season.  I'd like to work my speed up.  I definitely will have to wrap my calf muscles before running from now on, once this stops hurting.  Gah.  With all the bits of me I thought would hurt, I never thought about my silly calf muscles.  It is quite upsetting.

I'm very glad Labor Day weekend is over.  I have been, perhaps, injudicious in my food consumption, and because of my silly calf, I have not exercised.  Tomorrow I can get back to normal, even if normal is slowish walking instead of the thing I usually do, which is still slow, but faster than this.

And work, which means not sitting home snacking.  Yay work!

Meetings this week in the evening and on the weekend should keep me to my diet, right? :-D  Yeah, maybe.

Want a gratuitous knitting picture?  I finished some socks for my nieces.  The smaller pair doesn't fit, darn it. I have to make another pair, and these were torture the first time.  Maybe they'll go better the next time just because I'm used to them now.