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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

It's not often I actually work on a WIP on a Wednesday, but I've decided my list of WIPs is too long, so today's daytime crafting time went toward finishing a Work in Progress that was near completion.

Last summer, when we were up on Bailey Island, we went to a fabulous town-wide garage sale that Bailey and Orr put on every year.  One of the deals was that you could pay $5 and get a box, and put everything that would fit inside the box.

I didn't need too much stuff, but one of the things I found was a bag full of yarn--mostly cones of cotton, plus one really nice spool of pretty red crochet thread, either Aunt Lydia's or maybe DNC.  And then a little bit later, I found an old wind-up Timex watch without a band, and with a big scratch on the face.  I wound it up and darned if the thing doesn't work perfectly.  So I thought, I could crochet a watch band!  At the craft store I got some plastic rings, and began crocheting around them, crocheting them together... adding on a clasp.

I started it in August but then the new Term started so I put it aside.  I took it out once somewhere in the middle and crocheted a few more rings, but then the Gotta Do knitting took over.

I still have Gotta Do knitting: my OWL and my Phoenix are not where I want them.  But I had 8 WIPs yesterday.  Today I have only 6, because I finished the Barbie dress, which I shall show off momentarily.  So I've now finished two projects in two days.  Next Wednesday I'm going after the Galaxy socks, because I would really like one more pair of hand-knit socks for my wardrobe.  Meanwhile, I have a watch to wear.  Hooray!

And Barbie, of whom I'm insanely proud at the moment: