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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick before bed

So: the diet... still going okay.  I started to go a little aaaaaaah tonight and then I actually logged those five crackers and the bit of pub cheese and that put me 13 calories over and so I thought, okay, better stop.  And I stopped.  Go me.  And I've had my water, which is a habit I'd let myself get out of.  Water is good.

The knitting:  the hat I'm making is coming out very cool.  It's a lot of going round and round at the moment... sl1 K5 ad infinitum.  In less than two repeats I get to start the decreases, though, so that's good news.  I probably will have it done before my KnitPicks order arrives.  It's in the hands of the Framingham Post Office now--KnitPicks does this thing where they Fedex it to your town and then Fedex hands it over to the USP, so I'm thinking I'll probably get it tomorrow but definitely by Wednesday.  Then much OWL swatching must commence.  And I still have to buy 5000 beads.  Woo.

I found a picture of something I haven't posted yet.  When I made my Army of Penguins I also made a wee Foxguin for my boy (D1).

Foxguin... look, I even made him a tail.